Pure Fiji

Founded by Gaëtane Austin and Andrée Austin, Pure Fiji began research, development, and production of their uniquely Fijian products around the family kitchen table over 20 years ago.
Organics and natural products are popular now, but Pure Fiji has always appreciated the numerous benefits of coconut and dilo oil and the myriad of botanical and herbal curatives and remedies that have been utilized by the Fijian people for hundreds of years. Pure Fiji was the first to use virgin coconut oil and dilo oil in cosmetics and also incorporates hydrosols from therapeutic leaves into their formulations.
Having pioneered the use of local nuts and botanical extracts into true South Pacific therapies, their spa located within the grounds of the Pure Fiji Laboratory serves as a invaluable research and development tool for both the products and the uniquely Pacific spa therapies which complement them.