Imagine a place where the stress and strain of everyday life are forgotten and tranquility and harmony are restored.

Relaxation Massage 
30 minutes$50
60 minutes$75
90 minutes$105
Deep Tissue Massage 
60 minutes$85
90 minutes$115
Hot Stone or Cupping Massage 
60 minutes$85
90 minutes$115
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy 
60 minutes$95
90 minutes$125
Pre-Natal Massage 
60 minutes$85
Couples Massage 
60 minutes$150
Upgrade to Hot Stoneadditional $20
Clear My Head Sinus/Allergy Relief 
30 minutes$40
60 minutes$85
Raindrop Therapy Massage 
Raindrop TherapyAdd on $20
Massage Enhancements 
Deep Tissue$10
Hot Stone$10
Clear My Head$10
Raindrop Therapy$20
Red Light Therapy$10