Hair Removal

Hair Removal Tips

• Let hair grow out for two to three weeks, or about a quarter of an inch before waxing.
• The day before your appointment, exfoliate with a body scrub the areas that will be waxed, and then apply body oil or lotion.
• Let your esthetician know of any medications you are taking. Certain oral and topical medications can make skin sensitive.
• Take aspirin or ibuprofen an hour before your appointment.
• Apply a first aid antibiotic gel with pain relief like Neosporin or Hydrocortisone after the waxing if skin is sensitive.
• Stay out of the sun and tanning beds for 24 hours before and after your waxing appointment.

Sugaring is a natural hair-removal technique. Sugaring, made out of sugar, lemon juice, and water, is applied to the skin and flicked off in the direction of the hair growth to prevent less ingrown hairs and irritation. With the natural form and technique used, sugaring has also been proven to create more length in time between hair removal appointments.

Lip or Chin$15
Nose or Ears$15
Under Arm$23+
Back or Chest$41+

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